About The International Adoption Association (Ireland)

Who We Are

The International Adoption Association (IAA) is the leading support organisation for families engaged in intercountry adoption into Ireland. It has approximately 1,000 direct member families involved, and represents a broader community of adoptive parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbours. Our membership comprises of couples and sole adopters who are pre-adoptive, going through the assessment process and who are post adoptive.

Over 6,500 children have been adopted into Ireland from a range of countries. Their presence is growing, and increasingly recognised. They range from young babies to teenagers, and live in every county in Ireland.

What We Do

The IAA has several objectives:

  • to ensure that the legislative and administrative frameworks are fair to prospective adopters, adoptive parents and their children.
  • to organise an annual conference to provide a forum where our members have the opportunity to attend presentations from experts in the area of intercountry adoption.
  • to promote Intercountry Adoption in Ireland through participating in and creating media opportunities to explain the benefits of intercountry adoption for children and adoptive parents.
  • to organise social events to celebrate intercountry adoption in Ireland.
  • to provide information and support to people who are thinking of adopting abroad by providing regular seminars on countries it is possible for Irish people to adopt from.
  • to provide ongoing support to people who have adopted a child or children abroad through a comprehensive education program covering a wide range of relevant topics.
  • to disseminate information to our members through our newsletter and our website is also regularly updated with new information.