Legislation Practice

The Adoption Act 2010 was enacted on 1st November 2010 and completes Ireland’s ratification of the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption.
View Adoption Act 2010 or download a PDF of the Act here

Article 2 of the Hague Convention states:

(1) The Convention shall apply where a child habitually resident in one Contracting State (“the State of origin”) has been, is being, or is to be moved to another Contracting State (“the receiving State”) either after his or her adoption in the State of origin by spouses or a person habitually resident in the receiving State, or for the purposes of such an adoption in the receiving State or in the State of origin.
Persons proposing to adopt abroad should always seek independent legal advice prior to doing so.
Persons proposing to adopt abroad from a Hague Convention country AFTER 1 November 2010 should satisfy themselves
that their adoption complies with the terms and conditions of the Hague Convention.
that the Agent / Agency they have engaged is properly accredited by the Central Authority in the country of origin.
that the Agent / Agency they have engaged can produce a valid Article 23 Certificate from a Competent Authority in the state of origin in respect of that adoption.
Details of the Hague Convention and a list of the Central Authorities, the Accredited Bodies and the Competent Authorities are available on the Hague Convention’s website:
www.hcch.net (Click on ‘Welcome’)